Board Members

Pam Hayes

Chatham County Schools
I'm a Tech II and have been employed by Chatham County Schools for the past 12 years. I'm married with one daughter. I love technology and cats. I have been a member with the NCET for almost 10 years.

Vice President
Shawn Rudd
Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools

Secretary / Treasurer
John Warf

NC Department of Public Instruction
I'm a technology advocate for North Carolina and the students we serve.  I have worked in education for the past 13 years where I worked as a Tech and Network Administrator for Chatham County for 10 years.  Since leaving I now work at NC DPI where I get to work with school districts all across the state.  I love technology and assisting in the delivery of it to our students.

Past President
Keith Koonts

Davidson County Schools
I have worked for Davidson County Schools for 23 year and I have been a member of the NCET for 22 years.   I look forward to the NCET Conference every year and the fellowship that we share as a group. I hope that the membership will grow each year without losing the closeness of the group. The knowledge base of this group is a great resource to have when dealing with our daily challenges in Technology, Making a difference in a child’s life in a positive way should always be our goal. I appreciate your confidence in electing me as an Officer for the organization and I hope that I have fulfilled your expectations. Long live the NCET where training is always top priority.

Dan Sparlin
NC Department of Public Instruction
Before coming to DPI as a Webmaster in 1999 I was computer technician and network engineer in several North Carolina LEAs.  Prior to that I was a classroom teacher for 17 years.  I have served as the DPI adviser to NCET for 12 years, during which they have grown from a small "beach outing/golf" group into a major force for improving technology in our schools.  I am proud to have worked with a rotating group of dedicated Board members, who are the ones responsible for this incredible growth and the innovation that have made it possible. 

Board Members

David Brown

Surry County Schools
I work with Surry County Schools and have been working here since 1997.  I have been an NCET member since 1998.

Jeremiah Jackson

Western EdNet
I am the WAN Engineer for WNCEdNet which is a consortium of 7 western NC school districts. I have worked in education technology for 14 years as both a consultant and an employee. It is very satisfying to know that your efforts support the education of kids. The NCET conference is an opportunity for me to recharge, learn, and plan for the future. The contacts, relationships, and knowledge that I have gained during the NCET conference have increased my effectiveness as an engineer.

Derwin Woodard

Surry County Schools
I have worked in the Technology Services Department of Surry County Schools for 14 years.  It is a job I truely love.  I have been a member of NCET since 1998.  It is an organization that I have enjoyed being apart of since my first conference.  The wealth of knowledge shared at our conferences, over the years, is an invaluable part of the success of the NCET's 30 years of existance.  It is the premier educational technology conference for technicians and technology service personnel across North Carolina. I have had the honor of serving the members of our organization, as a board member,  for many years.  I look forward to our conference each year.

Melchizedek Cherry

Northampton County Schools
I am the Network Administrator for the Northampton County NC school district. I have been employed with the school system 12 years and I have been a member of the NCET organization for the last 10 years. The NCET conference is the highlight of the year for me. It’s the one time of the year that I get to associate with and learn from people just like me. People that face the same challenges and who are as excited about technology as I am love being a part of the NCET organization. It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve on the NCET Board and I look forward to new and exciting opportunities to learn and improve in the future.

John Pokrzywa
Burke County Schools
I am an electronics technician who works for Burke County Schools.  One of my first jobs was as a part time AV technician in Carteret County Schools repairing movie projectors and record players in the early 1960's; my immediate supervisor was Clint Barnes.  I am interested in older technology and try to bring older phonographs each year for door prizes.  I have served on the NCET board for a number of years (I think I joined the NCAVTA around 1990, 1991, or 1992, but I am not sure which year) and consider NCET as one of the best opportunities for school-based technicians in the state.  Not only does NCET provide quality training; it provides the opportunity for technicians statewide to interact and share experience that they can take back with them to enhance both their job performances and the educational efforts of their schools of which they are a part.